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Charles Mill Lake

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Charles Mill Dam is located on the Black Fork of the Mohican River, 10 miles east of Mansfield and 10 miles southwest of Ashland, Ohio. The lake is located in Ashland and Richland counties with the dam being located in Ashland County. Charles Mill Dam was constructed in 1935-36 and is primarily for flood control but also for recreation and fish and wildlife management.          

Charles Mill Dam is a rolled earth fill dam with an impervious, water resistant, clay core. The dam, is 48 feet high, 1,390 feet long and 20 feet wide. This flood reduction system also includes two dikes and one levee. These structures, the dam, dikes and levee, hold the water that may build up behind them from the 215 square mile drainage area the dam serves. The dam also has two spillways to handle water above the maximum the dam is designed to hold; one is built into the gate house, the other is beyond the gate house against the right abutment. There are five gates which allow the water to pass through the dam and provide control of it. During the summer months the lake is kept at about 31 feet at the dam which provides 1,350 surface acers of water.  At that level the water is backed up the Black Fork about 5.2 miles. When the dam is holding the maximum flood water it is designed to hold there would be 6,050 surface acres of water behind the dam and water would be backed up the Black Fork 19.8 miles.   

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