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Engineering Design Guides


This resource helps In-House staff, A-E firms, and consultants find and use engineering and design guidance and criteria. It's a mandatory tool for executing engineering and design projects.

How to Use the Resource
  1. Select a Program and Customer: Choose your program and customer using the options on the right.

  2. Follow the Guidance and Criteria: Apply the design guidance and criteria in the following order of precedence:

    • Installation/Program-specific instructions

    • Louisville District Requirements

    • Service criteria (Air Force, Army, Reserve, Civil Works Customer, etc.)

    • Department of Defense (DoD) or state guidance

  3. Consult All Applicable Resources: Consult and incorporate all relevant resources. If you encounter conflicts or variations in priority for a specific project, contact the Louisville District Point of Contact (POC) for clarification. Apply the most stringent criteria in case of conflicting technical guidelines within documents.

Important Notes
  • Stay Updated: Changes to internet sites, customer instructions, district requirements, service criteria, or guidance can happen without notice. These changes may result from updates, additions, or rescindment actions at various resource sites.

  • Notify POC for Impact: If these changes affect ongoing engineering or design efforts, notify and consult with the district POC.

Use this resource to ensure your engineering and design projects comply with the latest guidelines and requirements.

Louisville District Military Design Guide (LDMDG)

The Louisville District Military Design Guide (LDMDG) provides guidance regarding criteria, submittals, review processes, and other requirements applicable to military projects executed for the Louisville District, USACE. The LDMDG applies to Army Reserve projects only to the extent specified in AE or construction contracts; for Army Reserve guidance, see "Design Process and Submittal Requirements." 

The LDMDG is separated into 18 chapters. If a chapter is still under-development, comply with all other existing applicable criteria and the contract. AE and contractors may refer questions regarding the material to the contracting officer's representative. 

Each chapter is effective as of the date listed below. Comply with the chapter versions in effect at the time of contract solicitation for AE and contractor projects or at the time the ED Services agreement is signed for USACE in-house projects.

Previous versions of the chapters can be found using the Archives tab above.  Versions no longer stored with the archives can be found by contacting the Contracting Officer's Representative for AE or contractors or the chapter proponent for USACE personnel.

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These files and links apply to all Louisville District projects except where specified.  When there are two or more versions of a document, you should use the most current version that was applicable at the time the contract was awarded.  Please see the Customer Specific requirements and/or the Army Reserve collection when applicable. 

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Air Force Specific

Army Reserve Customers

When there are two or more versions of a document, you should use the most current version that was applicable at the time the contract was awarded.  Please see other requirements in Requirements collection. All Specifications including those specific to Army Reserve are found in the Specs collection.

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Louisville District Guide Specs are zip files for use with SpecsIntact.

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