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Military Construction and Army & Air Force Reserve Programs

Military Programs

Military Construction
The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division continues to serve the Army and other military customers, providing engineering and real estate services to 14 Department of Defense installations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. We design and build training ranges and other mission facilities, barracks, family housing and schools. We support the Air Force with dormitories, laboratories, headquarters building and community buildings. For the Army Reserve and Air Force, the Division’s Louisville District is providing designs for facilities throughout the United States. We also now have a large and growing Installation Support Program, including its Environmental Design Center in our Buffalo, Nashville and Pittsburgh Districts. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a call to action, we are ready to support the Department of Defense during mobilization. Recent engineer support includes support of the Department of Defense's Overseas Contingency Operations.

Army & Air Force Reserve Programs
The Louisville District is the National Program Manager providing project management and planning support for the construction of Army and Air Force Reserve centers nationwide.
Additional programs, and support services, for the Army Reserve that are centrally managed out of the Louisville District include a National Roofing Program, Full Facility Restoration, Intrusion Detection System, Furniture Procurement, Criteria Management, Real Estate Support, Fire Alarm Monitoring, IT Program, and Environmental Support for Military Construction Land Acquisition and Professional Services.

The district's Construction Division Reserve Branch also plays a unique part in the process of delivering the robust program. They are responsible for managing construction nationwide—far beyond the district’s five-state military construction footprint.

Energy, Resilience and Conservation Investment Program
The Energy Resilience Conservation Investment Program is a critical part of the Department of Defense Military Construction program that aims to improve energy resilience, energy security and energy conservation of its existing missions. In April 2022, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District was assigned the mission of providing program management and construction contract management and administration of ERCIP projects. Geographic districts have the responsibility for participating in planning and design, performing design reviews along with Louisville District and the Huntsville Engineering Center, and supporting Louisville District by providing on-site construction management oversight in accordance with the construction management plan.


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