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Real Estate

Real Estate Program

Division Real Estate Office

Exercises overall responsibility for directing and managing the Regional real estate program, providing policy guidance and coordination, and overseeing execution of the real estate products and services provided by the Region's Districts. The Regional real estate program includes the technical areas of appraisal, acquisition, management and disposal, and planning and control for Department of Army real property, including both military and civil works projects within the Region's seventeen (17) state footprint.

Organization chartThe LRD Real Estate Division Chief also serves as the Deputy for Programs and Supervisor of the Louisville/Nashville District Support Team.

District Real Estate Offices

The District Real Estate Offices are located in Detroit, Huntington, Louisville, Nashville and Pittsburgh.  (The Detroit Real Estate Office performs real estate actions for the Buffalo and Chicago Districts, with limited real estate personnel onsite at the geographic districts.)  These District Real Estate Offices acquire, manage and dispose of real estate for the Department of the Army civil works (such as navigation, flood control, storm damage reduction, hydropower, water supply, recreation and environmental restoration) and military projects, execute Department of Defense (DOD) Executive Agent Responsibilities for the Joint Recruiting Facilities Program, provide real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners, perform unique contingency capabilities and emergency response, and execute other specialized programs.

Products & Services

Planning & Acquisition

We have extensive experience in diverse real estate projects ranging from small farms to large rural and urban acquisitions.  We provide comprehensive services for the purchase of property, including negotiations, closings, and relocation assistance for homeowners and businesses. We also work with local sponsors to share in the cost of projects while providing credit for lands, easements, rights of way, relocation and disposals (LERRDS) acquired by the sponsor.

Local Sponsor's Toolkit 


LRD appraisers have a widespread knowledge in conducting appraisals within the United States and worldwide.  In today's diverse market environment, we provide appraisals for a variety of properties, including residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use properties, raw land, and contaminated lands. We provide timber and mineral appraisals, rental highest and best use analysis, feasibility studies, partial interest studies, and construction cost analysis.  Our appraisers meet the education standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and are experienced in providing appraisal products that conform to the Uniform Acquisition Standards for Federal Land Acquisition.

Management & Disposal

Corps real estate professionals are efficient in comprehensive planning for fee, easement, and leasehold interest. Realty Specialists help to identify available/suitable sites, prepare mapping, prepare administrative cost estimates, and coordinate National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and other Federal and State mandated environmental documentation regulatory requirements. Realty Specialists are knowledgeable in management of real property providing oversight and management services for land, buildings, leases, licenses, permits, easements and other interests.

Joint Facilities Recruiting Facilities

Realty Specialists are knowledgeable in acquiring and managing recruiting stations for the DOD US Armed Forces Recruiting Facilities Command.   LRD is the largest Division, which encompasses Louisville as the largest District, with its mission to execute the needs real estate needs of the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force and US Air Force Reserve.  Because the demographics and locations of recruiting offices are unique, our Realty Specialist must have vast amount of knowledge needed to identify available and suitable sites, prepare floor plans, develop construction specifications, prepare lease valuations, prepare cost estimates and successfully negotiate leaseholds for military recruiting offices.  After the lease is established, we have the responsibility of being the property manager for all of the leases in support of this Program.  LRD is responsible executing a program which equates to approximately $28M per fiscal year.   There are around 4,100 military recruiting personnel supported by LRD and over 500 properties managed by LRD.  These properties range from privately owned leaseholds, military installations and GSA space. 


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