Public Notice LRL-2023-00986

Louisville District
Published May 30, 2024
Expiration date: 6/30/2024

COUNTY-STATE:  Clark County, Indiana. | APPLICANT:  Indiana Department of Transportation | PROJECT PURPOSE: Improve surface drainage and stormwater conveyance along the US 31 and I-65 off ramp.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The applicant proposes to discharge 2,904 cubic yards of fill material into 1.8 acre of palustrine emergent wetland (Wetland 2) and 23.04 cubic yards of fill material into 110 linear feet of intermittent stream (UNT 1 to Camp Run Reach 1) for the construction of a larger capacity detention basin, channel regrading for improved drainage and the placement of scour protection. The fill material would consist of clean earthen fill, limestone riprap, and concrete.


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