Downloadable Tennessee River Charts

Nashville District
Published Jan. 11, 2024
Diagram of Tennessee river

TN river map

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Tabular Index

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1 Paducah, KY and Clarks River
2 White Oak and Cypress Creeks
3 Calvert, KY
4 Kentucky Dam; Gilbertsville, KY; Grand Rivers, KY
4A Barkley Canal; Land Between the Lakes
5 Smith Creek
6 Duncan and Sugar Creeks
7 Leadbetter Creek
8 Kentucky and Tennessee State Line
9 Big Sandy River
10 Lick Creek
11 Danville, TN
12 Standing Rock Creek; Short Creek; Leatherwood Creek; Granny Branch; Robbins Creek; Bennets Creek
13 Richland Creek and Little Dry Creek
14 Turkey Creek; Whiteoak Creek; Sulpher Creek
15 Richland Creek; Bear Creek; Dry Creek; Little Dry Creek
16 Trace Creek; Beaver Dam Creek
17 Johnsville, TN and Birdsong Creek
18 Duck River
19 Blue Creek
20 Denson Island and Landing
21 Cub Creek
22 Perryville, TN and Beech River
23 Cedar Creek
24 Double Creek Island, Beech Creek Island
Clifton, TN
25 Eagles Nest Island
26 Swallow Bluff Island & Saltillo, TN
27 Cerro Gordo, TN
28 Savannah, TN & Wolf Island
29 Diamond Island
30 Hamburg Landing; Pickwick Landing Dam
31 Tennessee & Alabama State Line
32 Tennessee & Mississippi State Line; Indian Creek
32A Tennessee - Tombigbee Waterway 
33 Miss & Ala State Line & Waterloo, AL
34 Brush Creek Island Light
35 Krogers Light
36 Pride Landing
37 Seven Mile Island
38 Sheffield and Florence, AL
39 Shoal Creek
40 Town Creek
41 General Joe Wheeler Dam
42 Elk River
43 Meltons Bluff & Mallard Creek
44 Finley Island
45 Ingalls Marine Ways
46 Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge
47 Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge
48 Triana Landing; Indian Creek Bar, Lewis Bluff, Lehman's Bluff and Hobbs Island
49 Hobbs Island
50 Flint River and Paint Rock River
51 Guntersville Dam; Allens Bar; Cole Bend Bar
52 Guntersville, AL
53 Short Creek
53A Guntersville Harbor
54 Mill Creek
55 Mink Creek
56 North Sauty Creek
57 B.B. Comer Hwy Bridge
58 Bellefonte Island
59 Raccoon Creek
60 Crow Creek Island
61 Long Island Creek & Bridgeport, AL
62 South Pittsburg, TN
63 Nickajack Dam; Sequatchie River
64 Mullins Cove
65 Prentice Cooper State Forest & Wildlife Management Area
66 Williams Island
67 Chattanooga, Tennessee
68 Chickamauga Dam & US Coast Guard Station
69 Harrison Bay
70 Gann Bluff; Denny Bluff
71 Soddy Creek
72 Sale Creek
73 Hiwassee River
74 Barley Light
75 Washington Ferry & Breedenton
76 Watts Bar Dam
77 Gillespie Bend
78 Half Moon Cutoff
79 Thief Neck Cutoff
80 Caney Creek, Clinch River & Kingston, TN
81 Paint Rock Bluff
82 Wright Bend
83 Loundon & Lenior City
84 Ft. Loundon Dam; Little Tennessee River
85 Callager Creek & Concord, TN
86 Lowes Ferry Light
87 Looney Island
88 Knoxville, TN, Dickson Island & head of Tennessee River
89 Jonathan Creek
90 Blood River
91 Big Sandy River
92 West Sandy Creek; Big Sandy River
93 Duck River
94 Duck River
95 Bear Creek
96 Shoal Creek
97 First Creek
98 Elk River  
99  Elk River   
Honeycomb Creek
101 Richland Creek
102 Hiwassee River
103 Hiwassee River; Rogers Creek; Candels Creek; North Moose Creek; South Moose Creek; Pine Branch
104 Hiwassee River; South Mouse Creek
105 Piney River
106 Clinch River; Emory River
107 Emory River
108 Clinch River; Grassy Creek; Jones Island; Brashear Island
109 Clinch River; Melton Hill Dam
110 Clinch River
111 Clinch River
112 Clinch River
113 Tellico Dam
114 Bat Creek
115 Tellico River
116 Chilhowee Dam
117 Tellico River; Notchy Creek; Ballplay Creek; Fourmile Creek
118 Little River


Aids to Navigation

Commerical Terminals

Small Boat Harbors

Characteristics of Navigation Lights

Lights in the Second Coast Guard District show simple characteristics, allocated by color or other feature to the left and right desending banks, as tabulated below:


Left Desending Bank


Right Desending Bank

F.W. Fixed White   F.W. Fixed White
F.R. Fixed Red   F.G. Fixed Green
2 F.R. Two Fixed Red   2 F.G. Two Fixed Green
FL (2) W5s Group Flashing White every 5 seconds (2 flashes)   FL W4s Flashing White every 4 seconds (2 flashes)
FL (2) W6s Group Flashing White every 6 seconds (2 flashes)   FL G4s Flashing Green every 4 seconds (2 flashes)
FL (2) R5s Group Flashing Red every 5 seconds (2 flashes)   Iso W 2s Equal Interval White 2 seconds
FL (2) R6s Group Flashing Red every 6 seconds (2 flashes)   Iso G 2s Equal Interval Green 2 seconds
Iso W 2s Equal Interval White 2 seconds   Q G Quick Flashing Green
Iso R 2s Equal Interval Red 2 seconds   IQ G Interrupted Quick Flashing Green
Q R Quick Flashing Red      
IQ R Interrupted Quick Flashing Red