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  • Barkley Navigation Lock

    Barkley Navigation LockBarkley Lock is located 30.6 river miles from where the Cumberland River joins the Ohio River at Smithland, Kentucky.  The nearest community to the lock is Grand Rivers, Kentucky. Barkley Lock was opened to navigation traffic in July of 1964.  The lock chamber is 800-foot long and 110-foot wide.  During normal lake levels,
  • Cheatham Dam

    Cheatham Dam is located in Cheatham County, Tenn., on the Cumberland River at mile 148.7 about nine miles downstream of Ashland City.  It is about 42 miles downstream from Nashville.Cheatham Dam was authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Act and approved July 24, 1946  by Public Law 525.  Inclusion of hydroelectric capability was authorized by Public
  • Cheatham Navigation Lock

    Cheatham Navigation LockCheatham Lock is located at Mile 148.6 on the Cumberland River in Cheatham County, Tennessee and is approximately 10 miles northwest of Ashland City, Tenn.  Cheatham Lock is open to pass navigation traffic 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year. The 67-mile reservoir created by Cheatham Dam provides Nashville and middle Tennessee
  • Chicago Area Waterway

    Stages, flows, and basin precipitation for Lake Michigan, Chicago River, Des Plaines River, Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Little Calumet River, Thorn Creek, Hart Ditch, Fox River, Du Page River, and Kankakee River.
  • Chicago River

    The project consists of a river navigation channel that is 2.97 miles long at -21.0 ft LWD from Michigan Avenue to North Avenue. A navigation channel approximately 3.7 miles at -9.0 ft LWD deep from North Avenue to Addison Street is also authorized, but not constructed. The project includes a perpetual responsibility for water control and emergency monitoring of the waterways within the Chicago District.
  • Chickamauga Navigation Lock

    Chickamauga Lock is  located at Tennessee River mile 471 only 6.9 miles above Chattanooga, Tennessee.It is 58.9 river miles downstream of Watts Bar Lock and 46.3 miles upriver from Nickajack Lock.Lock History TVA commenced preliminary investigation for the Chickamauga project during May 1935, and the Board of Directors authorized its construction
  • Downloadable Tennessee River Charts

    Charts are in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print the charts. Click on the chart number you wish to view.  The topographical background images displayed throughout these navigation charts are the property and copyrighted data of Environmental Science Research Institute ® and its vendors.  The
  • Fort Loudoun Navigation Lock

    Fort Loudoun Lock is located near Lenoir City, Tennessee, some 55 miles downstream from Knoxville.It is at Tennessee River mile 602.3, some 73.4 miles upstream of Watts Bar Lock.Fort Loudoun is the uppermost dam on the Tennessee River.Lock History Fort Loudoun was the last dam built on the Tennessee River.  Construction of the dam began  July 8,
  • Guntersville Navigation Lock

    Guntersville Lock is located at Tennessee River mile 349, nine miles downstream from the city of Guntersville, Alabama.It is 75.3 miles downstream from Nickajack Lock and 74.1 miles above the Wheeler Locks.Lock History Construction of the auxiliary lock began in December 1935 and was put into operation in 1937  by TVA.  Work on the main lock began
  • Lower Monongahela River Project

    Locks and Dams 2, 3 and 4 on the Monongahela River in Allegheny, Washington and Westmoreland counties in southwestern Pennsylvania are the three oldest currently operating-navigation facilities on the Monongahela River. These locks experience the highest volume of commercial traffic on the entire Monongahela River Navigation System and the pools created by these facilities provide industrial and municipal water, and are popular with recreational boaters.
  • Melton Hill Navigation Lock

      Melton Hill Lock is  nine miles southwest of Oak Ridge, Tenn., and 19 miles west of Knoxville.Located 23.1 miles from the confluence of the Clinch with the Tennessee River, it is the only Corps lock on the Clinch River Lock History The Tennessee State Geological Department initially studied the Tennessee River and its tributaries in 1918.  The
  • Nickajack Navigation Lock

    Nickajack Lock is located 35 miles west of Chattanooga, Tennessee near the city of Jasper.The lock is at river mile 424.7.  It is 46.3 miles below Chickamauga Lock and 75.3 miles above Guntersville Lock.Lock History Construction began on the 600 foot-long Nickajack Auxiliary Lock  in March of 1964.  TVA completed it for operation in December 1967. 
  • Old Hickory Navigation Lock

    Old Hickory Lock is located at Mile 216.2 on the Cumberland River and is approximately 11.5 miles northeast of Nashville, TN.  Old Hickory Lock is open to pass navigation traffic 16 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The lock is closed nightly between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Old Hickory Lock was opened to navigation traffic in June 1954.  The
  • Pickwick Lock

    Pickwick Navigation LockPickwick Lock is approximately 12 miles south of Savannah, Tennessee.  It is just north of the Mississippi state line.Located at Tennessee  River mile 206.7, it is 52.7 miles below Wilson Lock and 184.7 miles above Kentucky Lock.Navigation in the Muscle Shoals The area called Muscle Shoals extended from Elk River to
  • Upper Ohio River Navigation Project

    The Upper Ohio Navigation Project is part of the National Economic Development (NED) plan for improving the upper Ohio River navigation system, specifically the Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery locks and dams. Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery, each constructed prior to 1936, are the first three locks and dams on the Ohio River downstream of the Point of Pittsburgh. These facilities have the oldest and smallest lock chambers in the entire Ohio River Navigation System. The project replaces each auxiliary lock chamber (56’ wide by 360’ long) with a new lock chamber (110’ by 600’) at each facility. This new lock chamber would serve as the new main lock chamber. The fully-funded, total project cost for all three new chambers is $2.1 billion, which would be cost-shared jointly by the General Fund (65%) and the Inland Waterways Trust Fund (35%) (2021 Cost Level). The project’s incremental benefit-to-cost ratio is 2.4 to 1 (at the current discount rate of 2.75%).
  • Upper Wabash

    Lake reports, lake elevations, tailwater elevations, and precipitation for the Upper Wabash including Roush Lake, Salamonie Lake, and Mississinewa Lake.
  • Watts Bar Navigation Lock

    Watts Bar Lock is near Decatur, Tennessee.  It is approximately halfway between Chattanooga and Knoxville.The lock is located at Tennessee River mile 529.9.  It is 72.4 miles downstream from Fort Loudoun Lock and 58.9 miles above Chickamauga Lock. History of Navigation in the Area  Building navigational facilities at Watts Bar was one of the
  • Wheeler Navigation Lock

    Wheeler Navigation LockThe Wheeler Locks are located about 30 miles from Decatur, Alabama. The locks are at river mile 274.9.  They are 15 miles above the Wilson Locks and 74.1 miles below Guntersville Lock. The area called Muscle Shoals extended from Elk River to Florence, Alabama and featured a series of rapids, islands, reefs, and bars.  It
  • Wilson Navigation Lock

    Wilson Lock is located in the northwest corner of Alabama.Located at Tennessee River mile 259.4, the lock is 15 miles below the Wheeler Locks and 52.7 miles above Pickwick Lock.It is the highest single lift lock east of the Rocky Mountains with a normal lift of between 93 and 100 feet! Lock History The original project was completed by the Corps