Allegheny River Lock and Dam 9

Pittsburgh District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Current Status 
Allegheny River Lock and Dam 9 is in a caretaker status (IMTS Level 6). It will remain closed indefinitely except for commercial appointment lockages. 

Project Information 
Lock and Dam 9, like all navigation facilities on the Allegheny River, consists of a single lock chamber and a fixed crest dam. This type of dam is basically a concrete weir, or wall, across the river which keeps the river channel upriver of the project deep enough for navigation -- about 9 feet or more.  Water which flows over this type of dam cannot be controlled locally. Consequently, it cannot provide any control over flood waters.  An incidental benefit derived from the pool formed by the dam is the availability of a source of municipal and industrial water. 

Lock and Dam 9 was built from 1935-1938 and opened in 1938. 

Lock and Dam 9 is located at river mile 62.2 near Rimer, Pa., in Armstrong County. 

509 Rimerton Road
Templeton, PA 16259-0157
724-868-2486 (unmanned)