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Marmet Locks and Dam

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024
Marmet Locks and Dam

Marmet Locks and Dam


The locks were opened in 1933 and the dam was completed in 1934.

A project to repair and expand the Marmet Locks and Dam was completed in 2008.  Marmet Locks and Dam are a key component of the transportation infrastructure linking the Kanawha Valley, an important chemical and coal producing area, to its raw materials supply and product markets.

River and Harbor Act of 3 July 1930.

Construction $3,565,900

Non-navigable, gated dam, top length 557ft-5-1/2". Five roller gates, spanning 100ft-3-1/2" between piers. Damming height, 26 feet.

Of an estimated 409 acres in the project, approximately 8 acres fee required for the lock site, 13 acres fee for the abutment site, and flowage easements or other lesser interests over the remaining area.


Twin locks, each of which is 56 feet wide by 360 feet long, with miter gates.

Net Land Owned
8.0 acres fee at lock site. 12.8 acres fee at abutment site. 388.3 acres flowage easements.

Normal upper pool elevation 590.0 feet, m.s.l., upper pool length 15.0 miles to London Dam, normal upper pool surface area 1,300 acres, normal lower pool elevation 566.0 feet m.s.l. (upper pool of Winfield Dam), and normal lift 24.0 feet.

No extensive relocations necessary, but remedial measures required to adapt certain facilities to new pool conditions.

All construction work is complete. The project was placed in operation during August 1933 and was completed in June 1934.

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Kanawha River, 67.7 miles above mouth of River at Marmet, W. Va

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