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President’s Budget delivers $141 million for the lower watershed of lakes Erie and Ontario

Buffalo District
Published March 28, 2022
A crane barge lifts a large stone.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District's floating plant and Derrickboat "McCauley" place stone and make repairs to the Buffalo Harbor's south pier, Buffalo, NY, June 16, 2021. The floating plant is comprised of two tug boats, several deck barges and a floating crane. (U.S. Army Photo by Jess Levenson)

The President’s Budget for fiscal year 2023 released today includes more than $6.6 billion in discretionary funding for the Civil Works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with just over $141 million set aside for Buffalo District projects.

Of great significance for the region is an additional $600,000 for the Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study, a new start project that includes the three Great Lakes districts: Buffalo, Chicago, and Detroit. The goal is to create a plan identifying vulnerable coastal areas and recommending actions to bolster the coastal resources’ ability to withstand, recover from and adapt to future hydrologic uncertainty with respect to built and natural coastal environments. Recent high-water events across the Great Lakes brought about the study’s need.

The Civil Works budget funds $45 million the Operation and Maintenance Program, which includes the maintenance of federal shipping channels and navigation structures within the Buffalo District’s area of responsibility including the Black Rock Lock, and operation and maintenance of the Mount Morris Dam. These structures are part of the Great Lakes Navigation System, which provides significant economic benefit to the Nation, in addition to added shoreline protection and flood reduction benefits to areas behind the structures.

Included in the President’s Budget is $96.6 million in funding for projects within the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program. The FUSRAP program was initiated in 1974 to identify, investigate and clean up or control sites that were part of the Nation's early atomic energy and weapons program. Activities at the sites that are eligible for FUSRAP were conducted by the Manhattan Engineer District (MED) or the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), both predecessors of the Department of Energy (DOE).

The FY23 funding will be distributed among the projects as follows: 

Luckey Site, Ohio  $ 41,000,000
Joslyn Manufacturing, IN $3,000,000
Guterl Steel, NY $1,000,000
Niagara Falls Storage Site (NFSS), NY $41,600,000
Seaway Site, NY $1,500,000
Tonawanda Landfill, NY $500,000
Harshaw Chemical Company, Ohio $10,000,000
Superior Steel Site, PA $500,000


New York  
Barcelona Harbor, NY $19,000
Black Rock Channel & Tonawanda Harbor, NY $2,277,000
Buffalo River, NY $2,711,000
Cape Vincent Harbor, NY $3,000
Cattaraugus Creek Harbor, NY $3,000
Dunkirk Harbor, NY $3,000
Great Sodus Bay, NY $7,000
Mt. Morris Dam, NY $4,334,000
Oak Orchard, NY $5,000
Ogdensburg Harbor, NY $1,000
Olcott Harbor, NY $8,000
Oswego Harbor, NY $5,971,000
Port Ontario Harbor, NY $5,000
Rochester Harbor, NY $10,000
Sturgeon Point Harbor, NY $4,000
Wilson Harbor, NY $8,000


Ashtabula Harbor, OH $2,293,000
Cleveland Harbor, OH $10,908,000
Conneaut Harbor, OH $2,020,000
Fairport Harbor, OH $2,346,000
Huron Harbor, OH $1,509,000
Lorrain Harbor, OH $966,000
Port Clinton Harbor, OH $1,010,000
Put-in-Bay, OH $2,000
Rocky River, OH $2,000
Sandusky Harbor, OH $1,007,000
Toledo Harbor, OH $6,588,000
Toussaint River, OH $5,000
Vermilion Harbor, OH $1,007,000


Erie Harbor, PA $13,000


Projects not funded through the President’s Budget have the potential for funding through the FY22 Workplan and Infrastructure Investments and Job Act. FY22 Workplan projects and their funding amounts are scheduled to be released in early summer 2022.

For more information on the President’s FY 2023 Budget, please visit:

The FY 2023 Civil Works budget press book is also available at:, under the heading Program Budget: Press Books.


The Buffalo District delivers world class engineering solutions to the Great Lakes region, the Army and the Nation in order to ensure national security, environmental sustainability, water resource management, and emergency assistance during peace and war.

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