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    Golf Cart Policy

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  • Grayson Lake

    Grayson Lake was authorized by Section 203 of Flood Act of 1960. Primary project purposes are flood risk management, water quality, water supply and recreation. The dam was completed in January 1968 and serves a drainage area of 196 square miles. The lake is impounded by an earth and random rock-fill dam, 120 ft. tall and 1,460 ft. long with an uncontrolled, broad-crested saddle spillway located at the left abutment of the dam. The project has 6 recreation areas including Grayson Lake State Park.
  • Green River Lake

    Welcome to Green River Lake. The lake is situated in Adair and Taylor counties, lying amidst rolling terrain, steep bluffs and flowing streams in the section of Kentucky known as the Highland Rim.  The dam, located on the Green River, is an 11 mile drive from the cities of Campbellsville and Columbia, and less than 100 miles from Louisville and Lexington.