Charlevoix Harbor, Michigan

Detroit District
Published Jan. 11, 2024

Charlevoix Harbor, Michigan is located on the east shore of Lake Michigan, 276 miles northeasterly from Chicago, IL, and 75 miles northerly from Frankfort, MI. It was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of August 14, 1876; August 2, 1882; June 20, 1938; and, March 24, 1977 and the Water Resources Development Act of November 17, 1988. The existing project provides for a channel 24 feet deep in Lake Michigan and a 23-foot deep river channel to Lake Charlevoix. The entrance channel is protected by piers about 830 and 450 feet long on the north and south sides of the channel, respectively. The inner channel, just lakeward of Lake Michigan, is protected by 959 and 1530-foot long revetments on the north and south sides of the channel, respectively. The entire south pier and the outer 303 feet of the north pier have been provided with a concrete superstructure. The revetments are built of piling and are capped with concrete. Several small landing places are located in Round Lake at Charlevoix for handling fish and miscellaneous commodities, as well as, a wharf for petroleum products at the west end of Lake Charlevoix and a coal wharf at Boyne City. A cement production facility exists just south of the entrance channel in Lake Michigan.

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