Tappan Lake

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Tappan Lake is within the Lower Tuscarawas section of the Muskingum Area. It was authorized by Section 4 of the Flood Control Act (FCA) of 1938, as amended by Section 4 of the FCA of 1939. Primary project purposes are flood damage reduction, recreation, and fish and wildlife. The dam was completed in October 1936 and serves a drainage area of 71 square miles. Land includes 91 fee acres and 7,983 easement acres. The dam is a rolled earth-fill with an uncontrolled spillway saddle near the left abutment. 

Historical Info
The Tappan - Moravian Trail Scenic Byway provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the views along two beautiful lakes surrounded by heavily wooded hills. In addition to the lakes, the Byway follows a portion of the historic Moravian Trail. This trail was originally used by Delaware and Wyandote Indians, then by Moravian Missionaries and then became a major stagecoach route. The trail follows the ridge above the south side of Tappan Lake, passes through the historic village of Deersville, past a restored log cabin, through Feed Springs, a natural stopping place for water in the covered wagon days, and past many scenic farms edged by hardwood forests. The village of Deersville was founded in 1815. It grew and prospered during the stagecoach days, boasting several hotels, taverns, a tin shop, tannery, creamery and many other shops. The coming of the railroad, which bypassed Deersville signaled the decline of the booming town. The village at present, with a population of less than 100 is still the focal point for travelers to the area. The General Store, founded in 1901, provides everything a general store should, plus famous homemade ice cream which is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike in all seasons. The Antique Store is a continuation of the small business culture of the village and provides visitors an opportunity to look at or purchase items our grandparents probably threw away as being old fashioned. Live theater productions are presented in the Community Hall several times each year and the Founders Day Festival is held the second Saturday of August each year.