Hydrology and Hydraulics Branch

Nashville District
Published Jan. 9, 2024

The Cumberland River Basin is blessed by vast hydrological resources.  These resources have provided significant economic prosperity over the last several decades.  These resources provide water for industrial and residential development and energy production.  Unfortunately, these resources also present a risk to the region's economic engine.  The Hydrology and Hydraulics Branch is responsible for determining, managing, and, to the extent possible, controlling these risks.

Engineers, scientists and technicians in the branch provide services to states and local governments on how to minimize damage to their infrastructure from flooding.  They maintain and monitor a hydrological data collection system and geospatial data system to assists in making water control decisions.  They manage the flow of the Cumberland River to satisfy a diverse group of stakeholders from recreational users that travels to our lakes to transportation industry operating tows and barges on the Cumberland, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  They manage the water quality to support a sustainable ecosystem so we can continue to enjoy the region's many natural resources.   

With the region's growth and the many demands placed on our hydrological resources, we fully expect conflicts related to water supply.  The branch performs water supply studies to insure the many stakeholders are provided with this critical resource.