Contractors working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District install a 23-foot-tall concrete shaft enclosure weighing approximately 120,000 pounds as part of the guard wall at the Monongahela River Locks and Dam 4 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, Nov. 16, 2023.

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Emergency Erosion Protection for Grand River-Bank Street in Painesville, Ohio

Buffalo District
Published July 29, 2022
Updated: June 21, 2022
View of the project construction area in yellow (Photo from Google Earth)

Section 14, Grand River-Painesville, Ohio bank stabilization project area. View of the project construction area in yellow (Photo from Google Earth)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Buffalo District and the City of Painesville (Lake County), Ohio are partners to keep the west side of the Grand River in place this summer to protect a local road and local public utilities.  They signed a Project Partnership Agreement in May 2021 to complete this construction.

A part of the old upper slope retaining wall needs to be repaired.  Soil could slide and damage Bank Street and the public utility services, which have been temporarily moved across Bank Street for construction.  Loss of the soil could also have negative impacts on the environment and the Grand River water quality.            

The City of Painesville tracked river flow erosion at the project location for several decades.  In 2012, the City of Painesville repaired the slope in the project area with steel netting held with soil nails.

Since that time, unexpected erosion and destruction of this repair has taken place.  The City of Painesville engineer has been looking at the slope twice a month.  Over time, soil loss has been seen.  Approximately 325 feet of the Grand Riverbank will be part of the construction and has a very narrow, steep slope.  The new construction will use earth anchors to secure a steel sheet pile wall in place along the riverbank.  There are parts of a remaining soldier pile wall, the new wall will be overlapped approximately 25 feet on each end.  Installing the steel sheet pile wall may cause vibrations but will be monitored by the contractor with sensors.  Work will be stopped by the contractor if the sensors show vibrations above levels that could damage structures. 

This construction will last a long time helping to keep the erosion problem in check.  The contractors are scheduled to start construction by August 2022.  Bank Street will be closed to local traffic only during construction to ensure safety for the contractor and the public.  The construction is scheduled to be finished in early spring 2023, followed by restoration work/planting of grass.  The City of Painesville will be repaving Bank Street after construction is completed in 2023. 

“The partnership with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is vital to completing this project,” said City Manager Doug Lewis. “The goal is to preserve the slope that is threatening the roadway and homes in the Bank Street Historic District.”

“The Buffalo District is proud to partner with the City of Painesville on this project,” said Lt. Col. Eli Adams, Buffalo District commander. “Working together to ensure local public safety, while protecting existing infrastructure and the Grand River waterway is a win for everyone.”

More information about the project can be found at the following link:

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