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    Tappan Lake

    Tappan Lake is within the Lower Tuscarawas section of the Muskingum Area. It was authorized by Section 4 of the Flood Control Act (FCA) of 1938, as amended by Section 4 of the FCA of 1939. Primary project purposes are flood damage reduction, recreation, and fish and wildlife.
  • Taylorsville Lake

    Welcome to Taylorsville Lake. The Lake is located on the Salt River beginning at river mile 78 about 5 miles west of Glensboro and extends downstream to the dam at river mile 60.  The Lake is 18 miles long and extends into portions of Spencer, Nelson and Anderson Counties of Kentucky. 
  • Tionesta Lake

    Winding its way through the rugged hills of northwestern Pennsylvania, Tionesta Lake offers a unique setting for a diversity of outdoor recreational opportunities. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to visit the project and discover Tionesta's delightful lake and the natural beauty of the surrounding forest.
  • Tom Jenkins Dam

    Tom Jenkins Dam (Burr Oak Lake) is a multi-purpose flood control project built by the Corps of Engineers under the authority of the Flood Control Act of 1944. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns 100 acres of land surrounding Tom Jenkins Dam including a portion of Burr Oak Lake in front of the Dam. The Corps also purchased the rights to flood around the land around Burr Oak Lake up to an elevation of 750 feet.
  • Trails

    Trail Maps Accordian Bluff Black Walnut Kendall Red Oak RidgeCenter Hill Lake TrailsBUFFALO VALLEY TRAILLocated 5 miles from Interstate 40 at the Buffalo Valley Exit No. 268 and adjacent to the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager’s Office, this trail provides river access to the Caney Fork and is a very popular access area for trout fishermen. 
  • Tygart Lake

    Located in the picturesque West Virginia countryside, Tygart Lake's blue waters and irregular shoreline contrast with the surrounding steep mountain terrain. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to discover the beauty of Tygart Lake and its scenic vistas that provide the ideal setting for many outdoor recreational activities.