• January

    Mahoning Creek Lake

    Situated among steep-sided valleys and forested hillsides, Mahoning Creek Lake is surrounded by the rugged and striking terrain of western Pennsylvania. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to discover Mahoning’s breathtaking scenery and its opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  • Marinas

    Commercial marinas provide a wide variety of services for visitors across the lakes. Services such as fuel, private boat moorage, electrical and water hookups, boat rentals, fishing and marine supplies, restaurants and snack bars, and restrooms are offered by most facilities. To encourage boaters to follow “No Discharge” policy regarding proper
  • Martins Fork Lake

    The Nashville District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes you to Martins Fork Lake. The lake is located at river mile 15.6 on the Martins Fork of the Cumberland River in the scenic mountainous terrain of Harlan County, 13 miles southeast of the town of Harlan, Kentucky. Martins Fork Lake provides a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities including: fishing, hunting, picnicking, camping, sunbathing, hiking, and boating for thousands of visitors each year.
  • Michael J. Kirwan Dam and Reservoir

    Surrounded by the lush, green farmland of northern Ohio, the Michael J. Kirwan Dam provides miles of clean waters and scenic countryside for your enjoyment.
  • Mississinewa Lake

    The Upper Wabash Projects consisting of the Mississinewa, Salamonie, and J. Edward Roush lakes operate as a unit to reduce flood stages in the Upper Wabash Basin and with other lakes downstream in reduction of Lower Wabash and Ohio River floods. Together these three reservoir's have saved millions of dollars in flood damages. The Corps of Engineers has developed a partnership in the management of the public lands at the three lakes. Under lease agreements, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources operates and maintains the recreation facilities and wildlife areas at the lakes, with a few exceptions where the Corps of Engineers still maintains and operates.
  • Mohawk Dam

    Mohawk Dam is a dry dam and does not have a permanent pool, water is present when impounded during flood control operations. Since there is no constant water within Mohawk Dam, there are no recreational activities available. Below the dam, around the Walhonding River there are numerous recreational opportunities. 
  • Mohicanville Dam

    Built in 1935, Mohicanville Dam, a flood control project, is a dry dam with no permanent pool. The dam site is located on the Lakefork of the Mohican River in northeast Ohio, 171 miles above the mouth of the Muskingum River at Marietta, Ohio. 
  • Monroe Lake

    Welcome to the Monroe Lake web site. The lake lies predominantly in Monroe County and extends into Brown, Jackson, and Lawrence counties in south central Indiana. The dam is on Salt Creek 25.9 miles upstream of its juncture with the East Fork of White River, approximately 20 miles south and east of Bloomington.
  • Mosquito Creek Lake

    Amidst the panorama of rural countryside and the suburban settings of northeastern Ohio lies Mosquito Creek Lake. Mosquito Creek Lake is one of the most popular sites for outdoor recreation in the area, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to come and discover the wide range of recreational opportunities available for your enjoyment at the lake.
  • December

    Mount Morris Dam

    Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Area is a major flood control project and public park located on the Genesee River near the Village of Mount Morris in Livingston County, New York. The dam is situated deep in the Genesee River Gorge at the northern end of Letchworth State Park and provides flood protection to downstream areas including the city of Rochester. A recreation area is associated with the dam and offers a variety of recreational opportunities to the visiting public.