Bluestone Lake

Huntington District
Published Jan. 5, 2024
Bluestone Lake

Bluestone Lake

Reservations, Fees & Passes

Current construction on the Bluestone Dam will affect campsite availability. Before arriving, please check with the park office at 304-466-2805.

Campground Fee:
Check with  wvstateparks for rates

Day Use Fee:
$60- per day - Group Shelter/Electric

Bluestone Lake was authorized by Section 5 of the Flood Control Act of 1936, amended by section 4 of the FCA of 1938. The primary project purposes are flood risk management, fish and wildlife enhancement, recreation, and low flow augmentation. The dam was completed in December 1947 and serves a drainage area of 4,603 square miles. The lake is impounded by a concrete gravity dam that is 165 ft. tall and 2,048 ft. long. The gated spillway is located in the channel section of the dam and is 790 ft.  There are twenty-one 30 x 31 ft. lift gates supported by 8 ft. wide piers.  There are sixteen 5 ft. 8 in. x 10 ft. sluice gates through the spillway section discharging into the stilling basin, which is formed by a 23 ft. high weir that is 364 feet downstream from the axis of the dam. Extensive Dam Safety Assurance Program work is ongoing. There are twelve recreation areas including Bluestone State Park. Project boundary extends into Virginia and North Carolina.

Recreation Opportunities

Visitor Center
There is no visitors center at this project.

With a 2,040-acre surface area, Bluestone Lake provides boaters, skiers, and fishermen with great recreation opportunities. There are no boat motor size restrictions on Bluestone Lake. Check a project map for the location of mud flats on Bluestone Lake. Mud flats on the lake are also marked with channel buoys. Launch ramps are located at Bluestone Bridge, Bluestone State Park, Bluestone Marina, Bull Falls, and Bertha. Some of these launch ramps are not suitable for larger boats. Check with project personnel for the location of launch ramps suitable for launching your boat. A boat slide ramp is located below Bluestone Dam in the Bellepoint Day Use Area for Jon boats, canoes and similar small boats. All persons born after December 31, 1986 must complete a boating education course before operating a motorboat or Personal Water Craft in West Virginia. The Boat U.S. Boating Certificate is recognized by West Virginia and the Coast Guard. Please visit to take the free online course.

Camping at Bluestone Lake is restricted to developed camping areas only - there is no random camping. No Federally operated campgrounds are available at Bluestone Lake. America the Beautiful Senior and Access Passes are not accepted. Meador and Old Mill Campgrounds are located at Bluestone State Park (304-466-2805). These are class A campgrounds. Bull Falls, Shanklin's Ferry, Cedar Branch, Mouth of Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Bertha and Barton Ridge Campgrounds are primitive campgrounds located on the Bluestone Lake Wildlife Management Area (304-466-3398).

A picnic shelter is located downstream of Bluestone Dam at the Bellepoint day use area. The shelter is available on a first come - first served basis EXCEPT WHEN RESERVED IN ADVANCE (a fee of $50 is required for reserving a shelter). The picnic shelter may be reserved by calling the National Recreation Reservation Service at (877) 444-6777 toll free or visiting their website at You may reserve the shelter up to 360 days in advance to the arrival date.  There are also picnic tables at the day use area.  A picnic shelter is also available at Bluestone State Park.

The New River is the best warm water fishery in West Virginia. Year after year, New River produces more citation game fish than any other warm water river in West Virginia. State fishing records have been recorded in the New River for smallmouth, white and striped bass. Bass (black, smallmouth, largemouth, rock, spotted, striped, hybrid striped and white), bluegill, catfish, crappie and muskellunge are all common species of fish found in the New River and Bluestone Lake. The State of West Virginia periodically stocks Indian Creek, which flows into New River above Bluestone Lake, with trout. West Virginia fishing licenses are required.

Approximately 20,000 acres of federally owned land is leased to the State of West Virginia for the purposes of forest, fish, and wildlife conservation. Bluestone Lake Wildlife Management is noted for being one of the most popular public hunting areas in West Virginia. A good turkey, white tail deer, and variety of small game populations provide our visitors with excellent hunting opportunities.

Bluestone Lake's marina is located approximately 3 miles south of the dam along Route 20. The marina is a private business operated under a concessionaire agreement with Bluestone State Park. The marina provides docking facilities, boat rentals, fuel, fishing supplies, bait and snacks. Bluestone Lake Marina can be reached at (304) 466-1010.

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Bicycles are permitted on main roads, day use areas and campground areas. Many of the roads leading to Wildlife Management area campgrounds are dirt roads which provide an experience similar to off-road bicycling. Under West Virginia law, all riders under the age of 12 years MUST wear a protective helmet.

Horseback riding is permitted at Bluestone Lake Wildlife Management Areas. Pipestem State Park located 12 miles south of Bluestone Dam on Route 20 is the nearest location for rental of horseback riding.

Foot trails (hiking) are located at Bluestone State Park and Bluestone Lake Wildlife Management Area.

Rules & Regulations

General Policies
A full list of Federal regulations that apply to all US Army Corps of Engineers properties can be found in Title 36 of the United States Code (USC). Title 36, The Rules and Regulations that Govern Corps of Engineers Water Resource Projects.

Possession of firearms in a federal facility, including locks, dams, power plants, ranger stations, buildings, switchyards, recreation facilities, warehouses, and offices is strictly prohibited. This prohibition includes the storage or transporting of a personally owned firearm in controlled access parking areas or Government vehicles, heavy equipment, boats and vessels under the operational control of the District regardless of its location. Exceptions for Federal employees are only allowed for Federal law enforcement officers or where possession of a firearm is specifically authorized by law.

Fireworks, along with explosives, firearms and other weapons are prohibited on Government Property. Detailed information can be found in Title 36, The Rules and Regulations that Govern Corps of Engineers Water Resource Projects, Section 327.13.

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