Dover Dam

Huntington District
Published Jan. 5, 2024
Dover Dam

Dover Dam

Reservations, Fees & Passes
Dover Dam has no permanent pool. There are day-use facilities along the river.

Dover Dam is within the Upper Tuscarawas section of the Muskingum Area. It was authorized by Section 4 of the Flood Control Act (FCA) of 1938, as amended by Section 4 of the FCA of 1939. Primary project purposes are flood damage reduction, recreation, and fish and wildlife. The dam was completed November 1938 and serves a drainage area of 1.405 square miles. The dam is concrete gravity, 83 ft. tall, 824 ft. long, 25.5 ft. wide at the top and 75 ft. wide at the base. The spillway is an uncontrolled overflow ogee spillway in channel section of the dam. There are 18 sluices through the spillway section, 12 controlled by 7 x 7 ft. slide gates and 6 controlled by 5 x 10 ft. slide gates. Hydraulic gate operating equipment is housed in a gallery through the dam. Sluices discharge into spillway stilling basin. Other structures include levees at Zoar and Somerdale, and three Industrial levees. The Zoar levee protects Zoar Village, 4 miles north of the dam. The original levee was raised 9.5 ft. It is an earth fill levee, 3,893 ft. long, 45 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide at the top and 200 ft. wide at the base. Appurtenant works include four roadway ramps, a diversion dam and channel, a gated concrete culvert and a pump station.. The Somerdale levee protects town of Somerdale, Ohio, 3 miles east of the dam. It is a 4,070 ft. long railroad embankment with three gated culverts and automatic drains. Three small industrial levees protect Corundite Refractories, Inc., at Zoar, Ohio; Fairfield Brick Co. at Zoarville, Ohio; and Norton Chemical Corp. at Mineral City, Ohio. Land includes 231 fee acres and 14,340 flowage easement acres. Corps of Engineers recreational facilities include a day use area. 

If you would like to arrange for a tour contact Dover Dam Office @ (330) 343-5725, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Restrooms are provided at the Dover Dam Public Use Area on a seasonal basis (April - October).

Handicapped Access
Universally Accessible Facilities are provided at the Dover Dam Public Use Area on a seasonal basis (April - October).

Historical Information
Zoar Village: German Separatists founded this village in 1817 in a notable example of Christian communal living. Visitors may tour the beautiful community garden near a number of restored buildings, including a dairy, bakery, greenhouse, craft shops, and historic homes. An annual Harvest Festival is held in Zoar the first full weekend in August. The Festival is held the first full weekend in October and Christmas in Zoar is the first full weekend in December. For more information, see their website Historic Zoar Village.  The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath runs along the Tuscarawas River through Stark and Tuscarawas Counties. The Towpath Trail is an opportunity for visitors to hike and enjoy a beautiful natural setting along the Ohio & Erie Canal.

Recreation Opportunities

Visitor Center
No visitor center is available at Dover Dam.

No boating is available at Dover Dam.

No camping facilities are available through the corps at Dover Dam.

Picnic sites are available at the Dover Dam Public Use Area adjacent to the dam.

Fishing is permitted in the dam area.

No hunting is available.

There is no marina at Dover Dam.

No swimming areas are available at Dover Dam. 

Limited hiking is available around Dover Dam.

Rules & Regulations

General Policies
A full list of Federal regulations that apply to all US Army Corps of Engineers properties can be found in Title 36 of the United States Code (USC). Title 36, The Rules and Regulations that Govern Corps of Engineers Water Resource Projects

Possession of firearms in a federal facility, including locks, dams, power plants, ranger stations, buildings, switchyards, recreation facilities, warehouses, and offices is strictly prohibited. This prohibition includes the storage or transporting of a personally owned firearm in controlled access parking areas or Government vehicles, heavy equipment, boats and vessels under the operational control of the District regardless of its location. Exceptions for Federal employees are only allowed for Federal law enforcement officers or where possession of a firearm is specifically authorized by law.

Fireworks, along with explosives, firearms and other weapons are prohibited on Government Property. Detailed information can be found in Title 36, The Rules and Regulations that Govern Corps of Engineers Water Resource Projects, Section 327.13.

Dover Dam 
5135 State Route 800 N.E. 
Dover, OH 44622