CAP Section 111, Mitigation of Shore Damage Attributable to Navigation Works

Published Jan. 18, 2024

Overview.  Section 111 of the 1968 River and Harbor Act provides authority for the Corps of Engineers to develop and construct projects for prevention or mitigation of damages caused by Federal navigation work. This applies to both publicly and privately owned shores located along the coastal shorelines of the United States. Each project is limited to a federal cost of not more than $10.0 million.

Cost Sharing.  Construction Requirements for federal cost sharing are as follows:

  • If the work recommended is confined to mitigation work where erosion was totally caused by the federal navigation works, costs are shared in the same manner as the project causing the problem.
  • If the work recommended is a combination of mitigation and restoration of beaches eroded due to other causes, mitigation work will be shared in the same manner as the project causing the erosion or shoaling and the remaining work will be 100 percent local, unless it qualifies as a Federal beach erosion control project.


Study Cost

A feasibility study is conducted which is 100 percent federally funded up to $100,000.

Costs over the $100,000 are cost shared with the nonfederal partner on a 50/50 basis.


Project Cost

Costs are shared in the same manner as the project causing the erosion or shoaling.


How to Request Assistance. Requests for assistance should be in the form of a letter (see sample provided below) describing the location and nature of the problem and requesting assistance under the program. The request should be submitted by a state or local government agency to your local district planning chief



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to seek the assistance of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under (Reference the authority under which assistance is requested and identify the type and location of the problem.)

(Briefly describe your perception of the nature and severity of the problem.)

(Briefly describe the known issues which would affect the acceptability of any recommended solutions, from the perspective of municipal and local governments, and/or the public.)

We are aware as local sponsor that we will assume costs for lands, easements, right-of-way, relocations and disposal areas (LERRD) and/or assume costs to demonstrate ownership of such.  We also will assume responsibility for any operation and maintenance of the project. Your consideration of this request will be appreciated.  Please contact (name, address, telephone, etc.) for further coordination.  

The [NAME OF AGENCY OR COMMUNITY] has designated [NAME OF LOCAL CONTACT AT AGENCY AND PHONE NUMBER] as the point of contact for this project.