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  • Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation (PCXIN) Outreach

    This site provides information on Waterborne Commerce in the United States, with a focus on the Inland Navigation data. Navigation was the Corps of Engineers' earliest Civil Works mission, dating to Federal laws in the 1820’s authorizing and funding the Corps to improve safety on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers by removing snags, debris, and other obstructions. These rivers and the coastal ports were the primary routes of commerce for the new nation.
  • CAP Section 111, Mitigation of Shore Damage Attributable to Navigation Works

    Mitigation of Shore Damage Attributable to Navigation Works
  • CAP Section 107, Navigation

    Small Navigation Project Study (Section 107)Section 107 of the River and Harbor Act of 1960 provides authority for the Corps of Engineers to improve navigation including dredging of channels, anchorage areas, and turning basins and construction of breakwaters, jetties and groins, through a partnership with non-Federal government sponsor such as