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Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024
Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam

Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam


General Information
Meldahl Locks and Dam are located at mile 436 of the Ohio River in Felicity, Ohio.

River and Harbor Act of 3 March 1909, Sixtieth Congress, 2nd Session.

Estimated construction $74,082,900.

Non-navigable, high-lift, gated dam, top length 1,756' including 372-foot fixed weir with 310-foot open crest. Twelve tainter gates, clear span 100' between 14-Foot intermediate piers and 15-foot end piers, damming height 35' above sills, clearance above maximum high water when fully raised approximately 5'. There are two types of gates, submergible and non-submergible ogee sill units.



Two parallel locks, main lock 110' by 1,200', auxiliary lock 110' by 600', miter service gates, vertical-lift emergency gates.

Net Land Owned
198.4 acres fee at lock site. 81.4 acres fee at abutment site. 168.5 acres fee at recreation sites. 0.06 acres fee at FM radio facility site. 6,049.7 acres easements.

Normal upper pool elevation 485.0 m.s.l., upper pool length 95.2 miles to Greenup Dam, normal upper pool surface area 21,700 acres, normal lower pool elevation 455.0' m.s.l., (upper pool of Markland Dam), normal lift 30.0'.

No extensive relocations necessary, but remedial measures required to adapt certain facilities to new pool conditions. Facilities include railroad and highway drainage structures and embankment slopes, municipal and industrial sewer outfalls and water intakes.

Construction of the project was initiated in April 1958. Construction of the locks was started in March 1959 and they were placed in operation in November 1962. Construction of the dam was started in April 1961 and it was placed in operation 22 December 1964. The pool was raised to full height 31 March 1965.

A total of 11 public recreation areas either existing or proposed for development. (See R/H 1-A for locations and status)

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