Public Notice LRL-2023-00258

Louisville District
Published June 18, 2024
Expiration date: 7/18/2024

COUNTY-STATE:  Posey County, Indiana and White County, Illinois.  | APPLICANT:  Illinois Department of Transportation | PROJECT PURPOSE: To replace the existing bridges and provide more efficient and safer crossing for the traveling public.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK:  The applicant proposes the removal and replacement of the SN 097-0003 eastbound (EB) and SN 097-0004 westbound (WB) bridges carrying I-64 over the Wabash River, with bridges SN 097-0080 (EB) and SN 097-0081 (WB).  The construction of the proposed structures would include permanent impacts to 0.57 acres of palustrine emergent wetland and 0.64 acres of riverbed impacts below the Ordinary High-Water Mark (OHWM) of the Wabash River. Temporary impacts within the Wabash River would be associated with the removal of riprap and piers 2,3,4,5,6, and 7 and would temporarily impact 0.44 acres of riverbed and .005 acres of palustrine forested wetlands.  Each new bridge would include nine (9) approach spans over the floodplain on the Indiana side of the river.  The substructure would consist of concrete piers on drilled shaft foundations with permanent casings for the river piers and steel pile supported spread footings on the approach piers.  The alignment for the new EB bridge would be shifted north and is proposed to be constructed between the existing EB and WB bridges.  The proposed WB bridge would be constructed on the same alignment and in the same location as the existing WB bridge. 


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