Public Notice LRL-2024-00088

Louisville District
Published April 15, 2024
Expiration date: 5/17/2024

COUNTY-STATE:  Jackson County, Indiana. | APPLICANT:  Central Indiana Mitigation Providers, LLC. | PROJECT PURPOSE: To develop a stream and wetland mitigation bank that would operate in the State of Indiana providing wetland mitigation credits.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The Sponsor is proposing to establish a stream and wetland mitigation bank, Red Bird Mitigation Bank on approximately 58-acres of agricultural land is located adjacent to Grassy Creek. The sponsor proposed to re-establish and rehabilitate 35-acres of forested wetlands and 14.43 acres of emergent wetland, enhance 4.47 acres of existing forested wetlands, create, enhance and restore, 4.2 acres of wetland buffers and preserve 0.98 acres of adjacent wetlands. In addition, the sponsor is proposing riparian habitat enhancement along 2,001 linear feet of existing on-site stream. 


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