Public Notice No. 24-09; LRP-2021-00493

Pittsburgh District
Published March 25, 2024
Expiration date: 4/24/2024

The applicant proposes to discharge fill material into 920 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to Kimberly Run and 0.62 acre of adjacent wetlands to establish a three-pit surface coal mine. One pit would be the active pit currently being mined, the second would be the potential Deep Mine Portal to be left open during mining as a possible future Deep Mine, and the third pit would be a shallow pit in the northern area of the site to remove limestone to be used for alkaline addition on the southern side. The applicant proposes to compensate for the unavoidable loss of Waters of the United States by purchasing third-party compensatory mitigation bank credits from a Corps-approved bank in the primary service area. Drawings of the proposed work are attached to this notice.