Public Notice No. 24-06; LRP-2024-00039

Pittsburgh District
Published March 11, 2024

The applicant proposes to place permanent fill within 15,570 linear feet (LF) of streams, and 0.449 acres of palustrine emergent wetlands, and temporary fill within 435 LF of streams, for the purpose of developing the Bailey Coal Refuse Disposal Area No. 9, a new coarse coal refuse disposal site which is an expansion of the Bailey Central Mine Complex. The development of the disposal site will include a benched valley fill refuse pile, sedimentation ponds and traps, a topsoil stockpile, private haul roads, and an overland conveyor. Consol estimates that their existing coarse coal refuse disposal areas will be exhausted in April 2027. The proposed site and associated design would provide approximately 6 years of refuse disposal volume. To mitigate for the permanent loss of streams and wetlands, Consol is proposing to purchase 15,570 stream credits and 0.45 wetland credits from the Robinson Fork Mitigation Banks, Phases 1 and 2. An overall site plan and location map of the project area are attached to this notice.