Louisville District
Published Feb. 23, 2024
Expiration date: 3/28/2024

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The proposed marine repair facility would be located at a location of a previously authorized yacht construction facility. The proposed marine repair facility would consist of the installation of a 160 feet long by 70 feet wide dry-dock and the mooring of four (4) barges along 839 feet of the Ohio River at River Mile 598.5. The facility would utilize fourteen (14) existing 3-pile dolphins and install an additional nine (9) 3-pile dolphins (3 - 8-inch diameter piles) to moor the dry dock and 4 barges (see attached plan for barge fleet configuration). The proposed project would also include the removal of six (6) existing pilings/dolphins from the proposed fleeting area. The proposed facility would project no more than 105 feet riverward from the ordinary high water elevation of 422.5 ORD.