Bolles Harbor, Michigan

Detroit District
Published Jan. 11, 2024

Bolles Harbor, Michigan is located on the west shore of Lake Erie, at the mouth of La Plaisance Creek, 7 miles southwest of Monroe, Michigan. The project was authorized by the River and Harbors Act of 6 July 1965. The project provides for the construction of an entrance channel in Lake Erie, 8' deep and 80' wide, from deep water to a point opposite the outer end of the existing jetty, thence widening to 100' wide at the Creek mouth; an access channel in La Plaisance Road Bridge; a steel pile revetment, approximately 200' long, located along the Michigan State Conservation Department property on the west side of existing 400' long steel sheet piling revetment constructed by the Michigan State Waterways Commission at the mouth of the La Plaisance Creek. The harbor services primarily recreational navigation interests.

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