Mohicanville Dam

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Built in 1935, Mohicanville Dam, a flood control project, is a dry dam with no permanent pool. The dam site is located on the Lakefork of the Mohican River in northeast Ohio, 171 miles above the mouth of the Muskingum River at Marietta, Ohio. The dam is located approximately midway between Mansfield and Wooster in Ashland County. The dam is used exclusively to control flood waters below it. The dam is a rolled earth fill with an impervious core, 46 feet high and 1220 feet long. There are two dikes approximately four miles southeast of the dam site. Spillway elevation is 963.00 feet mean sea level. At this elevation, there would be 31 feet of water behind the dam and 8800 acres would be inundated. Pool of record is 962.35 which occurred on 7 July 1969. For tours of Mohicanville Dam Intake Structure and Flood Control Facilities contact the Project Supervisor @ (419) 368-4712. There are no public restrooms at Mohicanville Dam.