Deer Creek Lake

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Deer Creek Lake  was authorized by Section 4 of Flood Control Act of 1938. The primary project purposes are flood risk reduction, fish and wildlife enhancement, recreation, and low flow augmentation. The lake is impounded by a rolled earthfill dam 93 ft. tall and 3,800 ft. long with a gated concrete spillway. The dam was completed in 1968 and serves a drainage area of 277 square miles. The spillway is controlled by three tainter gates in the channel section of the dam. The outlet works consist of five 5 sluices at invert and one low flow sluice. Other structures include a rolled homogenous earthen dike 15 feet high and 4,600 feet long located 3.8 miles southwest of the dam. Land includes 7,223 fee acres and 352 flowage easement acres. There are three recreation areas at the project.