Atwood Lake

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Atwood Lake serves as the Project Office for the projects located within the Lower Tuscarawas section of the Muskingum Area. It was authorized by Section 4 of the Flood Control Act (FCA) of 1938, as amended by Section 4 of the FCA of 1939. Primary project purposes are flood damage reduction, recreation, and fish and wildlife. The dam is a rolled earth-fill with impervious core, 65 ft. tall, 3,700 long and 30 ft. wide at the top and 360 ft. wide at the base. The dam was completed in September 1936 and serves a drainage area of 70 square miles. The intake structure contains three 3.5 x 7 ft. gated conduits through the south abutment of the dam, and a stilling basin. To maintain minimum pool, a 1.5 ft. diameter siphon is located in each of the two outer conduits, in front of the floodgates, and discharges into the middle conduit below the gate. Land includes 109 fee acres and 5,148 flowage easement acres. Corps of Engineers recreational facilities includes a day use area