Burns Waterway Small Boat Harbor

Chicago District
Published Jan. 9, 2024
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Project Description and Background

Serves as a recreational harbor. Project depth is 11 feet in the approach channel, 10 feet in the inner harbor, and 6 feet in the river channel.

Approximately 1,688 feet of rubble mound breakwater structures and 5,200 feet of federal channel in the harbor and the channel leading to the public marina. Dredged material is placed offshore adjacent to the community of Ogden Dunes.

Maintenance dredging of approximately 30,000 cubic yards is required infrequently. The harbor was last dredged in 2013. Erosion control along the slopes adjacent to Burns Ditch is critically needed to help reduce the rate of shoal accumulation within the channel.

This is a harbor of refuge and is critical to the local boating industry in Northwest Indiana.

Current Status

Available funds will be used to perform real estate activities required to manage out grants, real estate holdings, agreements, and rights of entry, and to complete sediment sampling and analysis, complete design, and award a contract to dredge the harbor in 3QFY24.

Project Authorization

Section 107 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1960