US Army Corps of Engineers
Great Lakes and Ohio River Division

Huntington District

Who We Are

We are the PCXIN, an LRH line element, a Great Lakes & Ohio River Division (LRD) functional center of expertise responsible for support to all Districts within the LRD. These responsibilities pertain to both pre- and post-authorization planning studies. The Center is also responsible for the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Program in the Great Lakes and Ohio River basins and for miscellaneous interdisciplinary studies and research. The Center

The core planning team is made up primarily of economists, engineers, and operations research analysts from the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Navigation Planning Center located in Huntington, West Virginia. The Center is augmented by USACE personnel, with navigation planning experience in Louisville, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Buffalo, Detroit and Chicago.

Finally, the Center has a -virtual team- component that includes inland navigation experts from around the country. The Virtual Team adds to the robustness of center. Laboratories, educational institutions, and stakeholder groups expand the pool of expertise. The current LRD Navigation Planning Center has access to this expertise at the following sources:

a. Tennessee Valley Authority
b. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
c. Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute

The major functions provided by the PCXIN include the development, application, maintenance and refinement of the analytic tools and data bases necessary for evaluating the impacts (including benefits) of alternative future conditions within the Great Lakes Navigation System (GLNS) and Ohio River System (ORS) for both operational and planning purposes. Similar services in support of navigation studies and evaluations are provided for other Corps districts, as necessary, under separate Scopes of Work negotiated with the requesting office.

Navigation Planning Support Functions

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  1. The Center provides consulting services and at the direction of HQUSACE the center will accomplish very costly, highly complex and controversial studies or key analytical components of very costly, highly complex and controversial studies.
  2. The Center completes key analytical components of studies as directed by the Planning Chiefs Advisory Board for multi-region/national efforts.
  3. The Center provides independent review support, to supplement the capabilities of the MSC regional planning expertise centers. This is especially important in those cases where an MSC cannot satisfy the inter-district review requirement when the expertise within the MSC is limited to a single physical location.
  4. The Center provides advice to HQUSACE, the laboratories and other stakeholders on significant regional and nation-wide planning issues.
  5. The Center assists in establishing research and development priorities in the mission area, coordinating the recommendations of the Planning Chiefs Advisory Board and with the established MSC lead that coordinates the review of research and development initiatives for the mission area.
  6. The Center acts as a proponent for training opportunities related to the assigned mission area.
  7. The Center will manage a program of sharing lessons through coordination with the MSC regional planning expertise centers, sponsoring workshops and technology transfer.
  8. The Center will supplement the HQUSACE staff in policy compliance review on projects where the Center has had no prior participation, on an as-requested, reimbursable basis at times of very high workload, such as before a potential WRDA.
  9. The Center will enhance basic planning expertise throughout the Corps by providing shadowing opportunities of individuals with specialized planning expertise.
  10. The Center assists in Operations and Readiness activities within LRD and its Districts in analyzing navigation problems and the impacts of alternative management decisions, as requested.
  11. The Center provides advice, guidance and assistance regarding programming, systems analysis, and database management to Branches within Planning Division and for other Divisions within the District.
  12. The Center conducts research upon request for other LRD Districts, Divisions, and Corps elements (e.g., WES, IWR) regarding navigation system analysis including but not limited to economic consideration of the Corps of Engineers navigation mission.
  13. The Center provides advice and consultation services to other Corps of Engineers Districts and Divisions regarding navigation systems analysis, as requested.
  1. Collects, codes and verifies accuracy of waterborne commerce statistics for the Ohio River Basin in LRD and transfers the traffic data to Waterborne Commerce Statistical Center in New Orleans for inclusion in the National database.
  2. Prepares replies to Congressional and other correspondence relative to above? described missions and functions.
  3. Assists in preparation for and participates in public meetings, workshops, and other public involvement programs.
  4. Provides necessary input and assists in preparation of resource utilization and management reports and documents. Included are annual budget requests, manpower requirements, status reports, etc.
  5. Manages programs and projects assigned to the Center to assure optimum utilization of time, manpower and money.
  6. Performs duties in connection with mobilization in accordance with District, Division, and HQUSACE Mobilization Plans and special directives, as required.