US Army Corps of Engineers
Great Lakes and Ohio River Division

Huntington District

Peer Review Plans

Engineer Circular EC 1165-2-214, Civil Works Review Policy dated 31 January 2010. This Circular establishes an accountable, comprehensive, life-cycle review strategy for Civil Works products by providing a seamless process for review of all Civil Works projects from initial planning through design, construction, and Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and Rehabilitation (OMRR&R). It provides the procedures for ensuring the quality and credibility of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) decision, plementation, and operations and maintenance documents and work products. This EC puts quality on equal footing with cost and schedule compliance. It presents a framework for establishing the appropriate level of independence of reviews as well as detailed requirements, including documentation and dissemination. This circular addresses OMB peer review requirements under the "Information Quality Act" and the Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review by the Office of Management and Budget (referred to as the "OMB Peer Review Bulletin"). It also provides guidance for the implementation of both Sections 2034 and 2035 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2007 (Public Law (P.L.) 110-114).

Engineer Circular EC 1165-2-214, Review of Decision Documents, presents a framework for establishing the appropriate level and independence of review for decision documents covered by the circular as decided by the Review Plan, coordinated by the appropriate Center of Expertise and approved by the Major Subordinate Comnmander. The Review of Decision Documents circular provides guidance for the District Quality Control (DQC). The (DQC) is the review of the basic science and engineering work and may be conducted by the home district as long as the personnel are not involved in the study. The Review of Decision Documents circular also provides guidance for when independent external peer review is to be added to the Corps' existing Agency Technical Review (ATR) and legal and policy compliance review processes.

Review of Decision Documents is required for reports, on projects, which requires implementation authorization for Congress.