US Army Corps of Engineers
Great Lakes and Ohio River Division

Huntington District

Mission Summary

The National Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation (PCXIN) was established to support the Corps planning program at the national level. The Center will support Project Delivery Teams in the accomplishment of planning studies that are nationally significant, complex, large in scope and/or are controversial. Use of the Center will be voluntary initially but will become mandatory over time. The purpose is to develop, maintain and apply the best and most appropriate national and regional expertise and science and engineering technology to the planning of inland navigation projects across the Nation.

The primary mission of the PCXIN is to improve the quality and timeliness of Corps inland navigation planning studies and products.

All aspects of the navigation program benefit from the activities and capabilities of the PCXIN. While the Center is vital for successful completion of feasibility reports and project authorization, its support of PED, construction and O&M activities is equally important.

The PCXIN was established to support the Corp's inland navigation planning needs at both the national and international levels. The Center has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide inland navigation planning consulting services to Corps districts and major subordinate commands, non-Federal interests and international customers;
  • Conduct key analytical components of inland navigation planning studies, or entire studies, as determined by higher authority;
  • Provide independent technical review (ITR), of inland navigation planning products as requested and described in the ITR Agreement. Provide advice to HQUSACE, the Corps' laboratories and other stakeholders on significant regional and nation-wide inland navigation planning issues;
  • Play a major role in establishing research and development priorities for Corps inland navigation planning;
  • Coordinate the development of and participate in training related to inland navigation planning;
  • Develop and manage a program of 'lessons learned' through coordination with the Division planning expertise centers by sponsoring workshops, technology transfer, and web-based support.
  • Supplement the HQUSACE staff in policy compliance review for inland navigation planning on projects as requested.
  • Enhance basic planning expertise throughout the Corps by providing or creating developmental opportunities for individuals having specialized planning expertise in inland navigation planning.