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  • Emsworth Locks & Dams Major Rehabilitation Project

    Emsworth Locks and Dams are located on the Ohio River immediately downstream of the City of Pittsburgh. The main channel dam and locks are located at river mile 6.2 and the back channel dam is located at river mile 6.8. The project creates the navigation pool for the City of Pittsburgh. The structural components of the Emsworth Locks and Dams are the oldest of any project on the Ohio River, dating back to 1919 to 1922 and 1935 to 1938 when Emsworth Dams were constructed. The Emsworth locks, consisting of a 110’ wide by 600’ long main chamber and 56’ wide by 360’ long auxiliary chamber, are the oldest on the Ohio River System and are in need of additional maintenance work to keep them operating safely until permanent improvements are implemented.
  • New Lock at the Soo

    The Soo Locks facility, operated and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, is the district’s largest project and is located on the St. Marys River at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan along the Canadian border. Approximately 80 million tons of commercial commodities pass through the Soo Locks every year. The New Lock at the Soo is being built in the footprint of the existing Sabin Lock, the northern most lock of the four on the Soo Locks facility, opened in 1919. The construction program, which includes improvements to the northern approach channel, is occurring in three phases of work. 
  • Soo Locks

    The Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan are among the busiest lock systems in the world. Owned, operated, and maintained by U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District. The locks are a National Historic Landmark and is also a current Corps of Engineers Mega Project site.
  • Upper Ohio River Navigation Project

    Revitalizing the oldest and smallest locks on in the entire Ohio River navigation system - the Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery locks and dams.
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