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Category: Ohio River Locks and Dams
  • Belleville Locks and Dam

    The Huntington District is home to the Belleville Locks and Dam located on the Ohio River at mile 204. Belleville Locks sit 203.9 miles below Pittsburgh, PA, and 0.5 miles below Belleville, WV. The two navigation locks are located on the right bank (Ohio side) of the river. The upper pool maintained above the dam extends upstream for a distance of 42.2 miles to Willow Island Dam.
  • Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam

    Meldahl Locks and Dam are located at mile 436 of the Ohio River in Felicity. Estimated construction $74,082,900.
  • Dashields Locks and Dam

    100 Dashields Lock Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108-5417 | 724-457-8430 
  • Emsworth Locks and Dams

    0 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202-1708 | 412-766-6213 
  • Greenup Locks and Dam

    The locks were open to navigation in 1962. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers replaced a set of aging gates at the Greenup Locks and Dam in 2012 at a cost of approximately $12 million.
  • Hannibal Locks and Dam

    P.O. Box 8, Hannibal, OH 43931-0008 | 740-483-2305 
  • London Locks and Dam

    Dam Non-navigable, gated dam, top length 557'-5-1/2 . Five roller gates, spanning 100'-3'1/2' between piers. Damming height, 26'. Easements Of an estimated 203 acres in the project, approximately 8 acres fee required for the lock site, 6 acres fee for the abutment site, and flowage easements or other lesser interests over the remaining area.
  • Marmet Locks and Dam

    The locks were opened in 1933 and the dam was completed in 1934. A project to repair and expand the Marmet Locks and Dam was completed in 2008. Marmet Locks and Dam are a key component of the transportation infrastructure linking the Kanawha Valley, an important chemical and coal producing area, to its raw materials supply and product markets.
  • Montgomery Locks and Dam

    100 Montgomery Dam Road, Monaca, PA 15061-2221 | 724-643-8400 
  • New Cumberland Locks and Dam

    P.O. Box 159, Stratton, OH 43961-0159 | 740-537-2571 
  • Pike Island Locks and Dam

    RR #1, Box 33, Wheeling, WV 26003-9701 | 304-277-2127 
  • Racine Locks and Dam

    Two parallel locks, main lock 1200' by 110', auxiliary lock 600' by 110', miter service gates, vertical-lift emergency gates. Non-navigable, high-lift, gated dam, top length of 1,173'. Eight tainter gates, clear span 110' between 15' intermediate piers and 16' end piers, damming height 32' above sills, clearance above maximum high water when fully raised approximately 5'. The hydropower unit is completed.
  • Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam

    Non-navigable, high-lift, gated dam, top length of gated section 1,132'. Eight roller gates, clear span 125'-6 between 16-foot piers, damming height of 29'- 6' above sills.
  • Upper Ohio River Navigation Project

    The Upper Ohio Navigation Project is part of the National Economic Development (NED) plan for improving the upper Ohio River navigation system, specifically the Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery locks and dams. Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery, each constructed prior to 1936, are the first three locks and dams on the Ohio River downstream of the Point of Pittsburgh. These facilities have the oldest and smallest lock chambers in the entire Ohio River Navigation System. The project replaces each auxiliary lock chamber (56’ wide by 360’ long) with a new lock chamber (110’ by 600’) at each facility. This new lock chamber would serve as the new main lock chamber. The fully-funded, total project cost for all three new chambers is $2.1 billion, which would be cost-shared jointly by the General Fund (65%) and the Inland Waterways Trust Fund (35%) (2021 Cost Level). The project’s incremental benefit-to-cost ratio is 2.4 to 1 (at the current discount rate of 2.75%).
  • Willow Island Locks and Dam

    AuthorityRiver and Harbor Act of 3 March 1909, Sixtieth Congress, 2nd Session.CostEstimated
  • Winfield Locks and Dam

    Dam Non-navigable, gated dam, top length 676'-9 . Six roller crest gates and one tainter gate, spanning 100'-3 1/2" between piers. Damming height 28'. Easements Of an estimated Easement Acreage of 1,243 acres for the project, approximately 315.53 acres fee required for the lock site, 15 acres fee for the abutment site, 4.33 acres for recreation site, and flowage easements or other lesser interests over the remaining area.
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