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Dover Dam

Huntington District
Published Jan. 10, 2024

Dover Dam is located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in the Tuscarawas River, approximately three and one-half miles northeast of Dover, Ohio. Dover Dam is a concrete gravity structure with a maximum height of 83 feet above streambed. The top overall length is 824 feet at elevation 931, m.s.l. An uncontrolled ogee spillway is situated in the center channel section. The crest length is 338 feet at elevation 916. The outlet works, located at the base of the spillway section, consist of 18 gate-controlled conduits arranged in groups of six each at three different levels. The stilling basin consists of a stepped apron with training walls between conduits and a system of baffle piers. The stilling basin is divided into three sections, each at a different elevation corresponding to the three groups of conduits in the spillway section. These sections are separated by walls. Appurtenant reservoir structures include the levees at Zoar and Somerdale, Ohio. Small industrial levees were also constructed to protect the Corundite Refractories at Zoar, the Fairfield Brick Company at Zoarville, and the Norton Chemical Company at Mineral City. 

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