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Olmsted Locks and Dam

Louisville District
Published Jan. 9, 2024
Aerial view of Olmsted Locks and Dam in Olmsted, Illinois.

Aerial view of Olmsted Locks and Dam in Olmsted, Illinois.

Aerial view of Olmsted Locks and Dam in Olmsted, Illinois.

Olmsted Locks and Dam
637 New Dam Road
Olmsted, IL 62970
(618) 748-6403 

Near the confluence of the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers is where more commerce traverses than any other location on the entire U.S. inland waterways. With Olmsted, economic net benefits to the nation are more than $640 million annually, and the structures will pay for themselves in approximately four years. The Olmsted project consists of two 110’ x 1,200’ locks adjacent to the Illinois bank, and a dam comprised of five tainter gates, 1,400’ of boat-operated wickets and a fixed weir. The Olmsted Locks and Dam will eliminate aging structures Ohio River Locks and Dams 52 and 53. There will be a fourfold increase in efficiency as Olmsted provides for a single project with twin 1,200' locks. Reliability will also be significantly increased as the existing locks are decades beyond their designed service life.

Olmsted's operational achievement represents generations of innovation excellence, more than 45 million labor hours, and stands as an example of the benefits provided to the Nation and the Department of Defense from the work done by USACE on our Nation's critical inland waterways.

Lock Information

River Lock  110’ x 1200’
Land Lock  110’ x 1200’

Dam Information

Type Wicket and fixed
weir with tainter gate
Length 2,574'
Upper pool 302'
Lower pool uncontrolled
Number of gates 5
Navigable pass gates 140
Height of gates 37'
Width of navigable pass


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