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Requesting Support Services

As service providers, USACE strives to understand your project goals and constraints. We maintain transparency by vetting and discussing with you potential project risks and cost drivers, such as the size and complexity of the project, period of performance, and special logistical, safety, regulatory and security requirements both before a project begins and as it progresses. We believe open communication allows us to move forward with a common understanding in terms of risk management and the recommended level of oversight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal authority allows USACE to provide services?
USACE can perform work under the IIS program for various agencies in accordance with several different authorities, the most common of which are outlined below:

  • Economy in Government Act [31 USC 1535] – Federal agencies
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation Act [31 USC 6505] – State and local governments
  • Chief’s Economy Act [10 USC 3036(d)] - Federal agencies, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments
  • Federal Technology Transfer Act [15 USC 3710(a)] – Public and private entities

There are other authorities we may be able to use in order to perform services for you. USACE, as part of the Department of the Army, is bound by requirements within these authorities as well as by specific terms and conditions dictated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (DoD FMR). We will work with you as best we can to meet your needs.

What does USACE charge for its services?
In most instances, agencies or third parties receiving services through the IIS program pay for services on a reimbursable basis. Unlike private industry, USACE does not include profit in the cost estimate. USACE calculates costs based on the scope and schedule of the work and includes costs associated with the technical analysis and administrative management of the project. The funds we receive pay for the costs associated with the necessary contracts, travel, equipment, supplies and labor to execute the work we perform for you. Any funds not utilized by USACE are returned to the owning agency.

How does USACE determine costs for a project? 
USACE performs work based on costs, initially estimated based on the scope of work, schedule for the project, industry standards, and common business practices. The scope, schedule, and budget are developed in close collaboration with the requesting entity and agreed upon prior to the onset of work. Our costs are related to the type of service you request and the complexity of your project.

We develop project budgets in conjunction with you as part of a Project Management Plan (PMP). A PMP is a formal, approved, living document used to define requirements and expected outcomes and guide project execution and control.

The PMP establishes the scope, schedule, and budget for the work to be performed.

We believe that frequent communication is imperative to allow good mutual decisions regarding changes in scope, schedule or budget. USACE is committed to providing you with professional services in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible. As a premier engineering organization, we can provide services that meet even the most challenging conditions. As such, anything that we can do to increase your understanding of USACE enhances our ability to work more closely with you to determine the correct level of effort needed for each and every project.