Contractors working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District install a 23-foot-tall concrete shaft enclosure weighing approximately 120,000 pounds as part of the guard wall at the Monongahela River Locks and Dam 4 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, Nov. 16, 2023.

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Cheri Klink Named Employee of the Month

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Great Lakes and Ohio River Division
Published May 10, 2022
Executive Support Assistant Cheri Klink awarded Employee of the Month for March 2022.

Executive Support Assistant Cheri Klink awarded Employee of the Month for March 2022.

As more and more employees begin making their way back into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Headquarters offices in Cincinnati, OH after nearly two years of teleworking due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they surely won’t miss a friendly greeting and warm smile from Executive Support Assistant Cheri Klink. 

Klink’s friendly and caring demeanor is one of many attributes that lead to her being awarded Employee of the Month for March 2022 by Division Commander, Col. Kimberly Peeples, nominated by LRD Programs Director, Mr. Steve Durrett. 

“Cheri is serving on a developmental assignment as the Executive Support Assistant to the LRD Directors of Regional Programs and Regional Business. With the deployment of Mr. Steve Durrett to SPD, Cheri has been providing full administrative support to 3 Directors, enabling Mr. Durrett to successfully meet SPD’s mission requirements,” said Col. Peeples. “Her planning and logistical expertise has enabled her to provide a high level of support during several leadership transitions within the Executive Office.”

Only being with USACE for two years, Klink has 20 years logged as an employee of the federal government. However, her accomplishments continue to grow.
Klink will add this achievement to a list of others she has gained during her short time with LRD, including the very prestigious “Halloween Costume Contest” and even the highly coveted “Best Decorated Holiday Cubicle” award. 

Jokes aside, these awards show the welcome and friendly personality that Klink radiates each day as a star in the executive office. Klink says helping people is the most fulfilling part of her role. 

“When someone tells me I made their day happier or less stressful by something I said or did, I feel grateful and fulfilled that I contributed positively to someone's life that day,” said Klink. “I also am really energized and inspired when helping out with special events like Change of Command and Retirement Celebrations.”

Klink does not only feel impassioned by her role here at LRD. She carries this charismatic demeanor outside of work as well. She reflected on many of the other things in her life that bring her joy. 

“Outside of work, I’m passionate about my family and friends. I love them all very much and am so thankful to them for standing by me during the rough times in my life,” said Klink.

Klink also shares a long list of hobbies and interests that she continues to pursue while working in Cincinnati including scrapbooking, photography, reading, attending Friday night Red’s games, attending the Ballet, and live music. On top of these interests, Klink is also extending her education by working toward a Masters of Art in Theology at Xavier University, and even acting in community theater on occasion. 

Her enthusiasm for life shines through in the advice she gives to anyone first starting their careers. 

“Try new things, go new places, meet new people,” said Klink. “Life is the adventure you make it. The good and the not so good we experience all create our very own personalized storybook adventure. And if this chapter isn't so great, keep on going because there are more chapters ahead to write, delve into, and explore!”

On this page of Klink’s current chapter, her actions, demeanor, and zeal are all being recognized as she continues to write her story with LRD. 

“Cheri’s willingness to taken on this developmental assignment exemplifies the motto of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Essayons (Let Us Try) and is yet another example of how LRD continues building strong - together!”

Chick Lock

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