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Great Lakes Fishery & Ecosystem Restoration Program

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Program Success

Through Fiscal Year 2018, 14 projects have been substantially completed under the Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration authority, restoring over 1,500 acres of high quality habitat and reconnecting, protecting, or restoring over 84 miles of stream habitat critical for aquatic species and fisheries in the Great Lakes basin.  Additionally, nine projects are currently being constructed under the GLFER authority, restoring over 500 acres of high quality habitat and reconnecting, protecting, and restoring over 570 miles of stream habitat.  To date, the Corps of Engineers has invested over $75 million and non-federal sponsors have invested over $25 million in aquatic habitat restoration under the GLFER authority.  Together, the Corps of Engineers, Joint Strategic Plan agencies, and non-federal sponsors are collectively achieving the GLFER objective to restore the fishery, ecosystem, and beneficial uses of the Great Lakes.

GLFER Contacts

GLFER Program Manager

Steven Check, PMP
Detroit District USACE
(313) 226-2074


Michael Greer
Buffalo District USACE
(716) 879-4229


Jim Galloway
Detroit District USACE
(313) 226-6760


Gene Fleming
Chicago District USACE
(312) 846-5585