Pittsburgh District
Published Feb. 7, 2024
Expiration date: 3/7/2024

LRG proposes to establish the Huling Run Mitigation Bank within the approved LRG Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument. The Bank proposes re-establish and restore the waterways and wetlands historically impacted through anthropogenic alterations including agriculture and logging. Douglas Run was historically relocated, channelized, and the hydrologic sources of the stream have been disconnected from the waterway. Re-establishment of natural stream functions proposes to connect the stream with the floodplain and recharge the groundwater table. The connection of the stream with the floodplain will provide better support for the ground water system. This connection of the stream and flood plain will re-establish wetlands within the riparian buffers of the stream. In conjunction, LRG has identified thirteen tile drains and plans to reestablish the natural drainage patterns that existed prior to their installation.


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