Grand Haven Harbor, Michigan

Detroit District
Published Jan. 9, 2024

Grand Haven Harbor, Michigan is located on the east shore of Lake Michigan, 108 miles northeasterly from Chicago, IL, and 23 miles northerly from Holland, MI.  The Grand River rises in Jackson County, MI, and flows 260 miles westerly into Lake Michigan. The project was authorized by Rivers and Harbors Acts of June 23, 1866; July 14, 1880; September 19, 1890; June 13, 1892; July 3, 1930; and, August 26, 1937 and by the Water Resources Development Act of November 17, 1986.  The existing project provides for an entrance channel protected by parallel piers and revetments, 3,569 and 5,549 feet in length on north and south sides, respectively, at the mouth of Grand River, a deep draft channel in the river commencing 1,000 feet inside the pier ends, extending 2 ½ miles to Spring Lake, a turning basin, and a shallow draft channel in the river extending14.5 miles upstream to Bass River.  Project depths are 23 feet (300 feet wide) in the entrance channel, 21 feet (300 feet wide) in the river to the turning basin, 18 feet in the turning basin and channel (100 feet wide) to Spring Lake, and 8 feet (100 feet wide) in the upper Grand River channel. Several wharves exist for handling coal, limestone, sand and gravel, petroleum products, and miscellaneous products.

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