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Congress has found that the Great Lakes comprise a nationally and internationally significant fishery and ecosystem that should be developed and enhanced in a coordinated manner. Section 506 authorized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to cooperate with other federal, state, and local agencies to plan, implement, and evaluate projects supporting the restoration of the fishery, ecosystem, and beneficial uses of the Great Lakes, with 35 percent matching funds from non-federal project sponsors.


Projects that restore fish and wildlife habitat, remove dams and other barriers to fish migration, prevent and control non-native invasive species, and contribute to the removal of beneficial use impairments in Areas of Concern are eligible for funding through the program.  Completed projects shown below include:

  1. Frankenmuth Rock Ramp Project (Cass River, MI) – In 2015 this fish passage project was completed, which included construction of a rock ramp structure over the 100 year old dam.  This project reconnected 73 miles of the Cass River, and provided over 1,000 miles of additional tributary habitat to Great Lakes migratory fish species.

    Completed Frankenmuth Rock Ramp GLFER Project, Cass River, MI.

    Completed Frankenmuth Rock Ramp GLFER Project, Cass River, MI.

  2. Underwood Creek Fish Passage Project (Underwood Creek, WI) – In 2018, this tributary habitat restoration project was completed, which included removal of approximately 4,000 linear feet of concrete channel and installation of natural stream features (gravel/cobble substrate, meanders, and deep riffle-pool complexes).  This project also provided connectivity to the Menomonee River, and re-established access to 400 acres of wetland habitat and an additional 140 acres of northern pike spawning habitat.tored stream bed upstream

    Completed Underwood Creek GLFER Project, Wauwatosa WI.

    Completed Underwood Creek GLFER Project, Wauwatosa WI.

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GLFER Contacts

GLFER Program Manager

Steven Check, PMP
Detroit District USACE
(313) 226-2074


Joshua Unghire
Buffalo District USACE
(716) 879-4229

MI & MN 

Jim Luke
Detroit District USACE
(313) 226-3387 


Alex Hoxsie
Chicago District USACE
(312) 846-5587