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Engineering Design Guides


This portal is intended to assist In-House staff, A-E firms, and consultants identify and locate engineering / design guidance and criteria. This site is considered a mandatory resource for engineering and design execution.

To enter the LDDG, select a program and customer from the selections on the right.

Application of design guidance and criteria within these customer selections is identified in the order of precedence and priority. Additional requirements are likely to be provided and generally, the following order applies:

  • Installation / Program specific instructions
  • Louisville District Requirements
  • Service criteria (Air Force, Army, Reserve, Civil Works Customer, etc.)
  • Department of Defense (DoD) or state guidance

All the applicable resources must be consulted and incorporated. The specific priority for a project application may vary from the above or conflicts may arise. Louisville District Point of Contact (POC) shall be consulted for clarification and direction. Where technical criteria conflicts are identified within documents, the most stringent shall apply.

Changes in Internet sites, and website based customer instructions, District requirements, service criteria, or guidance can occur without notice. Changes due to updates, additions, and rescinding actions at the various resource sites can also occur without notice. When these impact ongoing engineering or design effort, the district POC shall be notified/consulted.

Civil Works