US Army Corps of Engineers
Great Lakes and Ohio River Division

Huntington District

Planning Assistance to States

In 1974, Congress provided the Corps of Engineers a general authority to provide assistance to States in the planning for the development, utilization, and conservation of water and related land resources. Recent amendments have expanded this assistance to ecosystem planning.

This support can be provided to States and tribal governments. Some municipalities have received support under this authority through agreements with their respective states.

One of the most general and broad-reaching elements in the Corps' toolbox, this authority has been used for a variety of water resource planning activities in the Great Lakes region. The Chicago District evaluated potential brownfield sites for the City of Chicago under this authority. The Detroit District has developed a geographic information system (GIS) mapped database of natural resources on tribal lands for the Oneida Nation. Artificial reefs for fish spawning habitat were evaluated for Wisconsin DNR.

This authority requires a cost-sharing partner, who may be a state, local or tribal government. The cost-sharing formula for assistance under this authority is 50% Federal, 50% Non-Federal.