US Army Corps of Engineers
Great Lakes and Ohio River Division

Huntington District

     Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans

This program enables the USACE to provide technical assistance to state and local agencies or non-profit organizations for the development or implementation of Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) at Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs).  Technical assistance has already been provided to 21 AOCs. 

This assistance has included:

  • planning and design of sediment remediation actions;
  • planning and design of habitat restoration actions;
  • water quality and/or sediment transport modeling;
  • collection of physical, chemical and biological data;
  • outreach support;
  • cost estimating, and;
  • construction management

RAP technical assistance requires a non-federal partner to provide cost-sharing (35%) as cash or in-kind services.   Click here for a fact sheet on this program.  For additional information, check out the RAP Support program on the Great Lakes Commission website.

USACE Point of Contact for these Great Lakes programs is Mr. Jan Miller (