Senecaville Lake

Public Review Documents & Approved Review Plans


Finding of No Significant Impact, Rehabilitation of Shore Protection, Duluth Project Office, St. Louis County, Duluth, MN

Detroit District
Published June 5, 2024

The Detroit District proposed shoreline riprap rehabilitation site is along the Duluth Ship Canal property immediately north of the ship canal and extending along the shore for approximately 200 feet. Part of the reconstruction work is below the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) of Lake Superior (elevation of 603.1 feet IGLD 1985). Associated upland work includes installation of a steel sheet pile T-wall and sidewalk along the length of the revetment that connects to the City of Duluth’s T-wall and sidewalk (Lakewalk), Some landscaping and storm drain work would completed on the upland area behind the revetment.  The Preliminary FONSI, Environmental Assessment, and Clean Water Act Section 404(b)(1) Evaluation completed public review in May 2023. 

Reference: Original Public Notice

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