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The Chicago District is ready to deliver on additional $27.8 million in Fiscal Year 2024 Civil Works appropriations.

Chicago District
Published May 17, 2024

The Chicago District is geared up to put an additional $27.8 million to work from the Fiscal Year 2024 Civil Works appropriations. Congress allocated a hefty $8.681 billion for the Army Civil Works Program, spreading across various crucial areas like Investigations, Construction, Operation and Maintenance, Mississippi River and Tributaries, and Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program.


These funds are instrumental in driving forward projects for water resource management, focusing on key areas such as commercial navigation, flood and storm damage reduction, and aquatic ecosystem restoration. Specifically, the FY24 plan provides over $27.8 million to address urgent needs like repairing the north breakwater in Algoma Harbor and crafting a dredged material management plan for Manitowoc Harbor.


This boost brings the total investment in the Chicago District to an impressive $128.8 million for FY24. This financial injection enables us to embark on our mission of devising engineering solutions in partnership with our stakeholders, aimed at mitigating disaster risks, bolstering the economy, and supporting national security.


According to Kristine Meyer, Chief of the Lake Michigan Project Office in the Chicago District, "This funding greatly enhances our ability to deliver our navigation mission and support two important Great Lakes communities."


Congress provided an extra $28.4 million to kickstart or further fund various projects. These include initiating a feasibility study for the Chicago Area Waterways system, reimbursing the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago for the Thornton reservoir, funding environmental infrastructure projects in northwest Indiana and Cook County, and initiating the Section 206 Flint Lake Dam Removal project under the Continuing Authorities Program.


For more details on projects within the Chicago District, visit our website at Chicago District ( or reach out to our office at You can find comprehensive information on the entire Corps of Engineers’ Fiscal Year 2024 Work Plan at Civil Works Budget (

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